Clint Ober's Patent-Protected Grounding Products

Clint Ober currently has two product lines, Earthing and Ground Therapy. Clint's products are backed by more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific studies and 20 years of research & development.

Beware of counterfeits and knock-off products. Those Earthing products may be ineffective, are in violation of our patents, and some are downright dangerous!

To ensure you are purchasing an authentic and guaranteed grounding product, developed by Clint, look for the Ground Therapy® or Earthing® logos.

Ground Therapy
The Only Two Official Brands

Earthing products have always been available via to everyone around the world and is Clint's original grounding product brand.

In response to repeated requests from health professionals, Clint created Ground Therapy products as an exclusive line only available through practitioner's offices.

Today, you can still purchase your Ground Therapy products from select healthcare practitioners. And now, you also have the option to order them directly from this website!

Regardless of whether you use Earthing products or Ground Therapy products, only choose these two brands of grounding products to ensure authenticity, safety, and a strong grounded connection to the earth. 


All other grounding product companies are in violation of our patents


20+ years of ongoing product research & development to ensure safety and efficacy


90-day return policy and 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Buy only the best grounding products. Accept NO substitutes.

Any research you see online about the benefits of grounding the human body are a result of the hard work and dedication of Clint Ober and his team of researchers, scientists, and clinicians.

Buying official Ground Therapy and Earthing products ensures that you get grounding products that are proven safe and effective. In addition, you'll also be supporting Clint and his team as they continue their research and development efforts on the benefits of grounding.

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