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180 Nutrition Podcast
Podcast Title: Clint Ober - Everything You Need To Know About Grounding

Ali Fitness Podcast
Podcast Title: Get Grounded (Literally!) & Improve Your Health

Be Organic Podcast
Podcast Title: The Grounding Effect

Better Health Guy Podcast
Podcast Title: Earthing With Clint Ober

Kris Gethin, The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast
Podcast Title: Earthing: The Ultimate (and Free) Biohacking for Recovery and Longevity

Mindful Movement Podcast
Podcast Title: Interview with Clint Ober / Earthing, How Touching the Ground Can Change Your Life

Neurohacker Collective Podcast
Podcast Title: The Science of Grounding: How Earthing Improves Sleep And Reduces Inflammation

Right Up My Podcast
Podcast Title: Grounding: Earthing

Siim Land Podcast
Podcast Title: Healing Benefits of Grounding with Clint Ober

The Darin Olien Show Podcast
Podcast Title: Clint Ober On The Science Behind Grounding

The First Lady Of Nutrition Podcast
Podcast Title: Vitamin G: The Grounding Link To Wellness

The Wellness Couch Podcast
Podcast Title: Earthing with Clinton Ober

Quax Podcast
Podcast Title: Interview Clint Ober: The New Solution for Arthritic Pain and Chronic Inflammation is Earthing

Video Interviews
CJ's Keto Kitchen
Video Interview Title: Grounding!? Reduces Inflammation. Can it Supercharge the Keto Diet? An Interview with Clint Ober.

Healing Quest
Video Interview Title: Earthing

Jodelle Fit
Video Interview Title: Earthing & Grounding: The Most Important Health Discovery We Forgot With Clint Ober

Marfoogle TV
Video Interview Title: MFN Exclusive | Clint Ober Interview | Earthing/Grounding Pioneer
Video Interview Title: Clint Ober Demonstrates Earthing (Part 1)
Video Interview Title: Clint Ober Demonstrates Earthing (Part 2 and 3)

Mercola Healthy Pets
Video Interview Title: Dr. Karen Becker and Clint Ober Discuss Grounding

Michael Sandler's Inspire Nation
Video Interview Title: Why You Should Ground Yourself! How Grounding Affects Your Health! Earthing | Clint Ober

Michael Sandler's Inspire Nation
Video Interview Title: The Surprising Health & Healing Benefits Of Grounding (Earthing)! Clint Ober

Pax et Lux Mundi
Video Interview Title: Clint Ober - INTERVIEW - Pax et Lux Mundi 2021
Video Interview Title: Clint Ober Interview (Earthing)

Earthing/Grounding In The News
12 News
First Responders Get "Earthing" Equipment To Promote Mental Health

A Sweat Life
What Is Grounding? Here's Why You Feel Better With Sand Between Your Toes

Augusta Free Press
Grounding/Earthing And Everything About It

Baby Gaga
What Is Grounding? Exploring Earthing Could Help Your Toddler
Peace Of Mind: Earthing - Don't Be Electron Deficient

Barefoot Autism Warriors
Clint Ober: Grounding To Heal Autism In Nature
What Scientists Say About Adam Ottavino's Practice Of Earthing Before Red Sox Games

Grounding The Human Body: The Healing Benefits Of Earthing

Collective Evolution
Studies Show What Happens To The Human Body When We Walk Barefoot On The Earth

Country Living
What Is 'Earthing' And Can It Improve Your Health?

Country & Town House
What Is Human Rewilding?

Delaware Today
Reduce Chronic Pain And Stress In Delaware Through Grounding

Diving Daily
9 Unique Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

Evening Standard
Come Back Down To Earth: Could Going Barefoot Make You Feel More Zen?

Financial Express
Down To Earth! Grounding Or Walking Barefoot On Earth Has Several Physiological Effects

The Wellness Design Benefits Of Grounding

FOX News
Grounding Equipment Donated To Phoenix First Responders

Frontiers In Physiology
Effectiveness Of Grounded Sleeping On Recovery After Intense Eccentric Muscle Loading

Glamour UK
Earthing Is The New Wellness Trend Scientifically-Proven To Help Your Mental Health

Grounding: The Art Of Walking Barefoot

Getting Grounded: How Dirt Makes You Happy

Grounding/Earthing Technology Used In The Tour De France

Grounding: Exploring Earthing Science And The Benefits Behind It

HeartMD Institute
What Is Earthing Or Grounding? 

Holistic Primary Care
Earthing: Restoring Health From The Ground Up

Jujube Hawaii
Blood Quality Improved By Earthing

Kevin Neeld
Recovery Week: Earthing Products

Doing This Simple, Ancient Practice Daily Can Add Years To Your Life

Las Cruses Sun News
Earthing Is One Way To Stay Grounded

Feeling Disconnected From The World? Try Touching Some Grass.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Michael Chavis, Now Back From Injured List, Believes Strongly In The Power Of The Earth

Mind Body Green
Kick Off Your Shoes: The Surprising MD-Approved Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

Mind Body Green
The Research Behind "Earthing" And How To Reap Its Potential Benefits

Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard Advocates For 'Earthing' In Far Out GQ Profile: Make A 'Connection' To The Earth By 'Standing Barefoot'

Mercola Healthy Pets
Dr. Becker Talks About Healthy Grounding For Pets
Can Earthing Help Elevate My Child's Mood?
7 Reasons Children Should Practice Earthing

Northern Kentucky Tribune
Get Your Daily GEM Vitamins To Improve Your Mood - And Get Outdoors

The #1 Thing That Can Reduce Stress, Boost Energy, Help You Sleep Better, And Prevent Cancer
4 Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

Radio Prague International
Barefoot Tourism Association Offers Network Of Trails For 'Earthing' Fans

Science Direct
Integrative And Lifestyle Medicine Strategies Should Include Earthing (Grounding): Review Of Research Evidence And Clinical Observations

Sky Life
Barefoot In Nature For A Week (Barefoot Challenge)

Talk Radio 1370 AM
The New Fishing...Earthing

Travel Daily
5 Nature-Inspired Wellness Trends To Try In 2021

The Beacon Herald
Antioxidant Gifts From The Earth

The County
Cary Medical Center To Host 'Grounding' Session
The Jakarta Post
Earthing: Will Walking Barefoot Make You Feel Better?
The List Show
Grounding Is The Latest Wellness Trend - But What Is It?

The New Times
The Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

The Sacred Science
Can Walking Barefoot Heal Your Heart?

The Star
Restore Your Balance By Connecting To Mother Earth

Youth Incorporated
Feeling Lethargic All Day? It's Time To Change Your Lifestyle